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Happy Customers

  • "Thank you very much! It wasn't untill a fire actually got a little out of control I realised how un-prepared we were in the event of a fire. Universal Fire Protection was able to come in and inform us of correct emergency procedures and put new extinguishers and alarms in place.


    Thanks again for all of your work and we will have no trouble recommending you to other businesses.


    Adam Light - Restaurant Manager

  • "Universal Fire Protection are great at what they do! They were able to provide us with all necessary fire provention products and materials.


    I can now happily say that in the unlikely event of a fire, we would be more than prepared to handle it carefuly and properly.


    Thank you for all of your help.


    Anne Morris - Shop Owner/Manager


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Installation - Building Fire Services

Fire Safety Installations for Buildings

We design, manufactures and install fire alarm systems which range from simple manual evacuation systems to large systems providing the facilities required for modern building fire safety.


Fire Detector Units

These come in a variety of models depending on the facility to be protected. Thermal detectors require either a rapid rate of rise in temperature or the ambient temperature passing a set level to set them off. Smoke detectors are operated by photo-optic mechanisms where there is likely to be visible particles given off or by ionisation where combustion can take place with no real visible smoke - such as with large quantities of paper. Detector units can be any of the following:

Detector Types

  • Rate of temperature rise
  • Smoke
  • Flame
  • Hazardous gases
  • Air sampling (V.E.S.D.A)
  • Multi-Criteria (Optical & Thermal)
  • Self Aligning Reflective Beam Detectors
  • Standard Reflective Beam Detectors
  • Duct Probe
  • Wireless System

Universal Fire Protection can Design, Supply and Install a fire detection and alarm system Suitable for any application, including wireless solutions for tricky applications.
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