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Happy Customers

  • "Thank you very much! It wasn't untill a fire actually got a little out of control I realised how un-prepared we were in the event of a fire. Universal Fire Protection was able to come in and inform us of correct emergency procedures and put new extinguishers and alarms in place.


    Thanks again for all of your work and we will have no trouble recommending you to other businesses.


    Adam Light - Restaurant Manager

  • "Universal Fire Protection are great at what they do! They were able to provide us with all necessary fire provention products and materials.


    I can now happily say that in the unlikely event of a fire, we would be more than prepared to handle it carefuly and properly.


    Thank you for all of your help.


    Anne Morris - Shop Owner/Manager


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Fire Order

What is a Fire Order?
A fire order 6 will be issued by council Pursuant to the Environmental planning and Assesment Act
and would be issued if the building is considered to be in an unsafe fire safety condition, and is lacking
in a number of life safety areas.

Council Fire Orders
If a Fire Order has been issued, Upon engagement, Universal Fire Protection will complete an assessment
of the Fire Order issued and conduct an onsite assessment of the premises and advise of any possible
dispensations that may be sought from council.
On completion of this assessment, a Universal Fire Protection representative will compile a detailed report,
including photos and will outline the following.

  • identifies fire measures and their relevant standards
  • reports on the measures' capacity to perform to their relevant standards
  • recognises relevant issues in respect to paths of travel to the exits
  • identifies and classifies any defects
  • includes a Fire Safety Statement prepared for the building owner.

Universal Fire Protection has an experienced team in dealing with Council Fire Orders, from start to finish.
Supervision of the Works will be undertaken by our project manager and will include periodic inspections
during the fire safety upgrade works to ensure the requirements of the Scope of Works Specification are achieved,
and to ensure that the quality of the works is to an acceptable standard.

We will also liaise with Council during the upgrade works as necessary and also with the Owners in regards to the above

Upon finalisation of the works, Council and the NSW Fire Brigades will require a Final Fire Safety Certificate
to be issued for all fire safety measures within the building, reflecting the Fire Safety Schedule issued with the Order.
In addition the owner is to ensure that an Annual Certification is provided to Council and the NSW Fire Brigade that all
systems and equipment are being inspected, tested and maintained to the original standard of performance.

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